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A fun and comprehensive introduction to the cheese life, including mouth-watering recipes, creative pairings and expert insight.

As a new wave of artisan cheese appreciation sweeps the globe, The Cheese Life is a must-have companion for any cheese lover. With gloriously gooey recipes, perfectly put-together cheeseboards and mouth-watering flavor pairings, this is everything you need to live the cheese life.

The book begins with an introduction to the wonderful world of cheese, and how to buy, taste and cook with it, followed by over 50 recipes divided into Grill, Melt, Bake and Grate. From Baked Feta with Stewed Peppers & Honey to a Grilled Brie & Mushroom Sandwich, the recipes are creative, indulgent and let the quality and flavor of the cheese shine through. A final section explores the art of the cheeseboard, featuring 5 thematic cheeseboard suggestions, recipes for perfect accompaniments and a simple guide to drink pairing.

Interspersed throughout the book are handy profiles for all key varieties, from mozzarella to halloumi, and nuggets of cheesy wisdom, including what to do with leftover rinds, the importance of temperature and how to store and slice your cheeses.